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9 Things Guys do that brings a woman’s inner psycho

Whenever I ask a guy why it didn’t work out with their past relationship 90 out of 100 would say because she’s psycho. I ask them why and they seem to be oblivious to the actual reasons that lead to their psychosis. Like craziness is a common phenomenon for women. So to shed some light to some clueless guys here are  a few of the things that you do that brings out our inner psycho.

1. Leading us on and expecting us to not to have feelings. Yes this is the root of all psychos. Nothing is casual about being lead on. Don’t have sex with us, call us nick names, text us sweet nothings and tell us that you want to be in a relationship and you hate hooking up just for “fun”. Feelings are serious business for us so don’t be surprised and call us crazy if we suddenly have legit feelings for you.

2. Texting us to start a conversation and then replying after 3 days. Ok, at this time my last text is not valid anymore. A lot has happened since then. I’m no longer interested in what you are doing anymore. I’m now very curious to know as to what the fuck kept you busy in the last 3 days that you didn’t reply back.

3. Asking sex from us when you only plan to be friends. Sex is for couples not for friends. So don’t call us crazy when we tell people that we are sort of dating. Because we are. We are actually legit dating in bed.

4. Telling us stories about your ex. Keep those stories with you. We couldn’t care less. This is the only time we wish we are deaf.
5. Keeping your tinder account when you’re in an actual relationship with us. Tinder is a hook up app just like the earth is round. Why would you still be there if you are already in a relationship with us? We consider this cheating.

6. Flirting with our friends and expecting us to act chill. We expect you to be nice and charming to our friends. But texting her for some “relationship advice” or for any reason other than looking for us, sitting beside her instead of us and tapping her butt is a different story. NO, we will go cat woman on you. Meaning we will claw your eyes out.

7. Ghosting us. We don’t go crazy for no reason. Being ghosted is a legit reason to go a little nuts. Be a decent person and tell us that it’s not working out. Give us closure. Otherwise we will be seeking answers that may cause you some “crazy” damage.

8. Booty calling us after ghosting us. Seriously why would you guys do this? Yes we experienced a little trauma but not enough to have amnesia. You ghosted us 3 months ago we already changed your name to Casper in our contacts. Rule of thumb: Don’t be a dick

9. Acting like an asshole and expecting us to believe otherwise. I you act like an asshole, we will believe you’re an asshole. Don’t call us psycho when we lash out and call you out on it. Were just concerned, consider it as our tough love intervention. Were not crazy. We just want you to quit being an ass.

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