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Don’t Write Bali Off Just Yet

Bali has such a bad rep these days. Try googling it and you will for sure stumble upon tons of travel blogs that would advise you to skip Bali altogether when travelling to Indonesia.Being a major tourist destination with the strip of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak Beach as it’s front runner. These  places are expectedly very commercialized; with travelers and backpackers wandering about that it almost feel like your not really in Indonesia.

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There are as many white people lounging and sunbathing in the beaches there as in any given day at a beach in Florida. Most of them are spring breakers, Aussies, Americans and Euros looking for good surf and party buses to hop in on a Wednesday. It has a diluted sense of western culture and it’s is quite easy for picky travelers to swear off the entire Island especially if that is their  first and maybe only taste of Bali.


It is not all of Bali though but just a part of it. There’s a lot more to Bali than its commercialized party scene. There’s a lot to be found there and it would be  a waste of your trip if you give up on the Island right away without scratching its surface. 


Surf Tour group all set and ready

When we went to Bali we didn`t have a lot of expectation about it because we were really just looking for some fun. We decided to  stay  for a few days in the Kuta – Seminyak area and we surprisingly enjoyed our stay there despite it’s tourist cons. Our days were spent surfing and getting acquainted with Indo waves. Water is not as pristine for my taste, or I guess for anyone but the waves are endless and there are perfect curls to ride no matter what time you decide to head out. I think Bali is a good place to get initiated with Indo surfing if you don’t want to encounter too much entitlement in the line up. The crowd is mostly free loving travelers who are  just too stoked to be surfing in foreign waters. Our nights were spent partying and the scene varies from normal to crazy; some are not for the faint of heart so party with an open mind. 


early morning in Kuta


somewhere in Legian

I guess the draw of the major tourist destination of Bali  is it’s  exciting vibe of mixed characters who’s up for anything and happy travelers trying to mix up the mundane. If you’re looking for the exotic and is planning to do  your own version of eat, pray, love thing, hates crowds or parties and has no plans of surfing then I think it would be safe to advise you to avoid these spots and  head out to the tamer and more underrated side of Bali that is definitely worth a visit. Nusa Dua, Nusa Lembongan, Sanur, Gunung Kawi, Padang Pai, Batur, Uluwatu and Ubud are just some of the places to look into that’s  still in the Island which will give you a more exotic Indo experience.


Early morning in Kuta


Kuta sunset

Otherwise if you have the energy for some lively pumping fun then  pay the usual tourist route of Bali a visit. Leave your judgements behind though and simply enjoy the vibe, experience the crazy night life, surf or maybe learn how to surf and just sit back on the beach with a bintang or two and watch the beautiful sunset. Not really life changing experiences but guaranteed awesome days of  Bali fun. 




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