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Siargao Island, Philippines My Tropical paradise

Siargao is a small island in the Philippines in the coast of Mindanao. It’s a surfers haven and the perfect picture of a tropical paradise with its warm turquoise water, endless waves and a garden of palm trees to get lost in. I’ve gone through almost all of the major Islands in the Philippines and Siargao for me is the best amongst all of them. It has everything my little heart could ever want when in the tropics. I don’t even mind that it takes me two plane rides to get there.


Board Walk to Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine is the main surf spot in Siargao. The waves there will literally get you as high as a kite. Almost every local in Siargao knows how to surf, don’t be surprised if you see surfers as young as 9 shredding in the line up they’re that good. Every year, quicksilver holds a surf competition there during September to October.



Siargao Island, Cloud Nine


The paddle going to the line up, Siargao Island


Shortcut to the line up, a 10 feet jump from the Boardwalk, Siargao Island



Dawn Patrollers, Cloud Nine Siargao Island



There are other things to do in Siargao other than surfing. You can either rent a motorbike or a tricycle and go around and explore the island. A good place to visit is magpupungko tide pools which is just 30 minutes away from Cloud nine.  It’s a beautiful place to cool off and go cliff jumping after a busy morning of surfing.


We rented this tricycle for 6 bucks  to take us to Magpupungko tide pools





Magpupungko Tide Pools, Siargao Island



It’s way prettier in person, Magpupungko Tide Pools, Siargao Island, Philippines

After that  You can also go island hopping and snorkelling or search for other surf spots in the  many islands near Siargao. Nights in Siargao gets pretty interesting too in the weekends. There are secret parties to go to let loose and drink your weight in.  We accidentally found out about this after being invited by some locals at the line up.



where to? stray dog??



Siargao Island, Philippines




Siargao Island, Philippines


Siargao is a beautiful Island that I will never get tired of going to. It’s one of the places in the Philippines that really makes me feel lucky to be an islander. I remember telling my sister how lucky we were to be surfing in an island as beautiful as Siargao. The island is amazing and still has that organic island vibe. Quiet, simple and still uncommercialized. If I ever became a millionaire this is where I would build my house and spend the rest of my days in. Anyone looking for some waves  will absolutely love Siargao. Its chilled out island vibe will definitely make you want to stay there longer than planned.







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