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Siargao Island; Notes

Here’s some of my notes about Siargao Island. You can read my other write up about  the Island and some of the photos I took from Siargao in  my previous post. –>>Siargao Island, Philippines My Tropical paradise


Patrick’s on the Beach

We stayed there during our first night in Siargao; didn’t enjoy it that much though. They don’t clean the rooms even when you request them to. The food is expensive if by chance you are able to order and the location is not good at all. It is a tricycle ride away from cloud nine, if you think that’s not bad, well just imagine riding a tricycle back and forth every time you  finish a surf session, it’ll cost you maybe 200 (5 bucks) pesos alone on the commute per day. There are no other restaurants nearby too. They have a beach at the back  but it’s not swimmable. Personally , I wouldn’t stay there again.

Point 303 Cloud Nine

We stayed here on our second day. The location is perfect because it’s just in front of cloud nine. It’s a backpacker hostel so don’t expect much from its amenities. It’s comfortable though and they have friendly and helpful staff. They serve good  food there too. It’s accessible to everywhere in Cloud Nine. There are surf shacks and eateries nearby to go to.   For 15 bucks (PHP 650)  a night it’s a good  place to stay in if you are on a very tight budget and want to be near cloud nine.

Ocean 101

If I wasn’t on a budget I’d definitely stay there. It’s right in  front of Cloud nine too. The resort is very pretty and has good amenities. Their service is closest to what a functional 3 star resort should be. Their rooms inside are spacious. The rate there is 55 bucks a night. (Php2500).


As I mentioned in my previous post, almost everyone in Siargao knows how to surf. If you’re looking to learn how to surf, don’t get them from the rogue locals who are offering surf instructions  in cloud nine. Better get your lessons or surf buddy from the surf shacks nearby. They give better lessons and are more professional in handling business. You can rent surfboards for 6 bucks (Php) 600 for the whole day if in case you didn’t bring one. Surf lesson is 4 bucks (Php 300)  an hour.They can give you a good deal  if you’re renting their boards for more than an hour.


A good way to pass a lazy afternoon in Siargao is to go around the Island by a motorbike and discover deserted beaches.   You can rent one for the whole day for 11 bucks (Php 500). Don’t forget to grab a map.


If there’s anything surfers know how to do aside from surfing, it’s drinking and partying. Siargao has parties to go to if the nights gets too quiet for you in the Island especially on the weekends. Ask your host hostel or hotel for the location, they know where it is. They can even arrange a ride for you to get there.



Siargao Island, Sunset Surfing

So there goes some of my notes about Siargao that might be helpful to travelers who’s planning to visit. It’s an  awesome Island in the Philippines not to be missed.  I had an amazing time when I was there. Let me know if you had an awesome time there too!


  1. Thanks, this is useful info for planning a future trip 🙂 Did you do any island hopping on your visit? We don’t really surf & were wondering if there is enough to keep people like us occupied.

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    • yea, absolutely! there are a lot of nearby white sand Islands to visit. You can rent a motorbike too and go wandering around the island. Make sure to visit the Magpupungko tide pools! There’s so much to do in Siargao to keep you guys busy. I hope you get to visit soon! The Island is beautiful. I’m sure you will love it. 🙂

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