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Godzilla’s Recluse: Okinawa Part 2


It was a little bit cloudy when we left Naha to head off to the nearby Island of  Tokashiki. Tokashiki is a part of the Kerama Islands and can be reached by a ferry from the Tomari port in Naha. Make sure to get a  ticket reservation from the Marine Liner Tokashiki or the Ferry Tokashiki early before  heading off to the Island to save yourself some trouble.  Both have English support staff so making the reservation through phone should be fairly easy.

The Kerama’s and Beyond

After arriving at Tokashiki, I can’t help but imagine that it’s probably where Godzilla decided to find solace and recluse. The island’s vegetation was so lush and otherworldly and the landscape felt like the set of a Dinosaur movie that I couldn’t help myself from imagining things.



Godzilla fruit??


Those are not pineapples

On our second day on the Island, the skies cleared up and we finally got a chance to go around and explore Tokashiki.


Eureka! The Kerama blues!

Despite my wild theory about Godzilla’s recluse in the Island it’s actually turtles who has been the permanent dwellers of the Kerama Islands. A common pastime here is to snorkel and search for or if you get lucky swim with the turtles on a perfectly sunny day!

IMG_1411There are a lot of places  where you can rent snorkelling gear for the whole day for around  2000 yen at the main beaches. There are also so many vending machines around the island where you can grab a drink if you get thirsty. I was seriously  amazed to see several vending machines  around! 🙂


Aharen and Tokashiki are the two main beaches that you can visit in the Island. Aharen is a little bit more developed than Tokashiki. Head out here if you wanna be around people or if you’re feeling a little paranoid about the remoteness of the Island 😉

IMG_0945If you don’t mind  the seclusion and if you’re feeling a little bit more adventurous. Definitely head towards Tokashiku. The beach is a lot quieter than Aharen. I liked this beach better  because it was so secluded that the beach felt like my  own.


The island was mostly quiet during our stay. We spent the rest of our days snorkelling, hiking lazing around the beach  and gazing through the beautiful blues of the Keramas.  The island has a calm and strange feel to it and  I couldn’t help but daydream about  Godzilla and his recluse in this part of Japan.  My imagination was quite convinced that it was out there somewhere.

waking up to the blues

With the Island’s pristine landscape, exotic charm and seclusion. It’s really not hard to imagine that something strange and mythic lives there. Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure it’s a laid back and dovish one. I mean, with all the beauty around it, well how can it not be? 🙂

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