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Chasing the Sun at Bantayan Island

Bantayan is perfect if you want to relax, slow down and not do anything. We left the Island feeling thankful that we accidentally got stuck there to see its beauty. It’s too bad though that we didn’t get to see its sunset but hopefully we will on a different time. I’m sure watching the sunset there in the summer would be awesome. 🙂

7 Things First Time Woman Travelers Should Know

1.You are an easy target.  NO matter how strong and as independent women are portrayed these days, the truth of the matter is scammers still sees us as an easy prey. Yes men experience this too, but scammers are more persistent and motivated to push through with their evil plans on women travelers. The trick is to keep your wits with you and don’t panic. Listen to your instincts, if it’s saying you are in danger, there’s a big probability that you probably are. Go to a safe place and please try not to look like headless chicken or a deer caught in the headlights. Try to blend in like you know what you’re doing. 2.Don’t just wing it, read up about the culture, money exchange policies and dangers of a foreign country or city that you are visiting. Sounds sensible right? But for us free spirits, throwing rules out the window, going on an adventure wherever the wind takes us in an unmapped city is as normal as our everyday routine.  Our courage and adventurous spirit doesn’t …